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About Byrne Civil Projects

Byrne Civil Projects was formed in early 2013 with a view to expanding upon the strong relationships built through parent company T&L Byrne Excavations and efficiently and safely delivering works on a fixed price basis for civil construction, bulk earth moving, roads, utilities, pipeline construction, and pipeline maintenance works.

BCP’s team was created with the employment of a highly competent management team to ensure the success of the business, through their experience in coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively whilst maintaining a cost effective solution to Clients.

The Company has since expanded to offer heavy haulage, tilt tray services and domestic water
deliveries through TLB Heavy Haulage, TLB Tilt Tray and TLB Domestic Drinking Water deliveries.

Clients and Capabilities

  • NACAP Aus. Pipeline Undermining Mitigation Project Mallaty Creek Sydney.
  • NACAP KT Joint Venture Stage 4D Expansion Northern Looping WA.
  • MCJV-APLNG Project, QLD.
  • Moomba/ Wikton Sleeving Project.
  • AJ Lucas Otway Gas Pipeline.
  • Spiecapag Lucas JV Sea Gas Pipeline Port Campbell to Adelaide.
  • AJ Lucas Casino Gas Field Development.
  • MCJV – APLNG Project, QLD – Various services
  • APA Group: ILI Verification Excavations on RBP, CGPNew pipeline installations
    Hot tap installations
    Pipeline protection slabbing
  • DM Roads: On going road Maintenance and civil installations
  • NACAP- SESA Gas line Project.
  • Thiess – NACAP, Brisbane Qld.
  • Lucas Ipswich Looping Stage 6
  • Santos Scotia Gas Fields Flowline.
  • Clough Lucas Peat Lateral Line- Miles QLD
  • Thiess – Matilda John/Kate FCS pad
  • Leightons – Lauren FCS pad
  • Spiecapag Lucas – Woleebee Creek (plant/labour hire TLB)
  • Epic Energy: Coating & ILI Verification Excavations on MAPS, SEPS, MPBLLCrack Arrestor installations and Sleeve Repeirs
    Pipeline protection slabbing
  • EIM: Coating Verification Excavations on Arrow and AGL pipelinesNew pipeline installations


Project Name



  • Moomba to Port Bonython
    Liquid Line – Dig program
  • Epic Energy SA
  • Coating &  ILI Verification Excavations.Excavation of live pipeline, coating removal, abrasive
    blasting and application of epoxy coating.
  • B2B Connection
  • APA Group
  • Installation of a hot tap tee on the RBP.All associated civil works and minor mechanical works.
    Excavation of live pipeline and installation of hot tap
    valve (hot tap by TDW).
  • B2-RBP Interconnect
  • Howell Davies (EIM)
  • Construction of the new Arrow RBP Interconnection
    pipeline. Provision of overall site supervision of the
    installation of the 65m DN250 Interconnection pipeline.
  • Bruce Highway Embankment
  • DM Roads
  • Installation of a 200m long mass block retaining wall to
    stabilise an embankment along the Bruce High at
  • Toowoomba Escarpment RBP
  • APA Group
  • The 250m pipeline replacement scope on the
    Toowoomba Range, included a Rail crossing and two
    sections on the escarpment for the TSRC project. The
    section in the QR rail easement was completed by
    installing a casing with Auger Boring. The new sections
    of pipeline were welded, NDE’d, joint coated and
    installed before being hydrotested. The completion
    included two “golden weld” tie-ins.
  • Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline
    System – Dig Campaigns
  • Epic Energy SA
  • Coating & ILI Verification Excavations.Excavation of live pipeline, coating removal, abrasive
    blasting and application of epoxy coating.
    Works under this agreement have ranged from remote
    access, rural and city locations as well as works in the
    Barker Inlet wetlands.
    This also included installation of Crack Arrestors and
    Sleeve repairs.
  • Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline
    System – HDPE protection
    Slabbing Installation
  • Epic Energy SA
  • Installation of 6km physical protection slabs at Alburnand Booborowie.
  • Dig Campaigns
    Roma to Brisbane Pipeline
    Carpentaria Gas Pipeline
  • APA Group
  • ILI Verification Excavations and repair Cut outs.
    Excavation of live pipeline, coating removal, abrasive
    blasting and application of epoxy coating.
    Works under this agreement have ranged from remote
    access, rural and metro locations
  • Roma to Brisbane Pipeline –
    HDPE protection Slabbing
  • APA Group
  • Installation of 7.5km physical protection slabs at 50
    different metro locations along the pipeline easement.
  • BP Bulwer Fire Main
  • OFS
  • Installation of the new HDPE fire Main, including tie insto the Council main and end user.
    All associated civil works and mechanical works to
    complete valve installations. HDPE pipes were welded
    on site and hydrotested prior to final tie ins.
  • Swanbank MLV Hot tap
  • APA Group
  • Excavation of pipeline, removal of existing coating and
    sand blasting pipe surface for welding the hot tap tee.
    All lifting and cranage for welding the hot tap tee,
    installation of the hot tap tool. Installation of the MLV
    and bypass pipework. Reinstatement and compound
    facility fencing.
  • DGP Realignment
  • EIM
  • Relocation of 270m section of HDPE pipeline for the
    Warrego highway expansion work. Procure and
    construction included installing a casing for the new
    road crossing. All HDPE pipe were welded and
    hydrotested prior to installation and backfill.
  • APLNG Project
    Coating Repairs – Digups
  • MCJV (McD & CCC)
  • DCVG Coating Repairs on the Origin APLNG pipeline
    with 108 Digups and included Pot holing and excavation
    of live gas lines. Abrasive blasting and liquid epoxy
    coating of the gas pipeline. Backfill and restoration.
    Remote area work
  • APLNG Project
    Callide Laydown Restoration
  • MCJV (McD & CCC)
  • Removal and restoration of existing pipe yard,
    Reinstatement with drainage and environmental
    erosion bunds.
    Restoration of roads and fencing
  • Sunshine Coast Airport
  • John Holland Group
  • Civil Construction of drainage and bulk earthworksPlant Hire – Wet and Dry
  • Toowoomba Second Range
  • QHMBirt
  • Wet hire of excavators + operators
  • Northern Gas Pipeline
  • McConnell Dowell
  • Supply of Plant &  equipment Dry Hire of Excavators,Hammers and onsite Fitter
  • Caloundra Road to Sunshine
    Coast Motorway Upgrade
    CR2SM Project
  • Fulton Hogan / Seymour
    Whyte JV
  • T&L Byrne Excavations – Plant hire division has secured
    a $4 mil contract to supply machinery for a 3 year
    project as the principal plant hire supplier on site (2017
    – CURRENT)
  • QHMBirt- Cannington Mine
  • QHMBirt
  • Wet hire of excavators + operators

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